25 Apr 2014

Two sorts of friends

Having friends is, in my opinion, on the list of the most valuable things you can have in life. Having friends means endlessly discussing what you think is a problem when it’s really just you making a big deal about something. It means talking nonsense for hours on end, apologising for talking nonsense, and then happily talking some more nonsense. It means having insider jokes. It means an endless amount of postcards.
It means having a movie night and discussing the highly important question of sweet and salty popcorn. It means having a Disney-themed dinner party.
It means sharing secrets (your own and other people’s. Even though you “promised to never tell anyone”. But they are your friends so it’s ok to discuss other people’s secrets with them.) It means hugs, laughs, memories, plans for the future.

source: http://etsy.me/QG5O1c

Some friends you have known for years. They have known you through all your weird phases, band obsessions, crushes, school troubles and just general decision making. You might not have always been super close, maybe one of you left the path of your friendship for a while and walked with different people but you never really lost sight of each other.
Some friendships form later in life, but they can be just as precious and after just a short while you feel like you have known this person for ages.

Of course, not every friendship is the same and sometimes you come across people who make you question if they care about you as much as you care about them.
They never text or call back. As soon as they find someone else to hang out with, they will just abandon you. They only call you when they need you because they know you will always make time for them and listen to their problems. They will make promises and not keep them.
But for some reason you will always welcome them with open arms if they decide to take a step back into your life, no matter how many times you tell yourself that you should just let them go.

I’m lucky to have more friends from the first kind and they really are the best, I honestly don’t know what I would do without them. There’s a different connection to every single one of them and while we might not talk every day, we surely know that there is always someone around. There are some of the second sort (three to be precise) but I’m trying to just accept is the way it is because there really is no point in being upset.

Now go and give your best friend(s) a hug if you can. And if not, text them, call them, write them a letter. You don’t have to go deep with all your feelings and tell them in detail how much they mean to you. Just a little note, a random smiley face or whatever happened in your life today.
And please do me a favour: don’t be a friend of the second sort.

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