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The A-Z of Me

I found this tag and thought I use it to let you know a little more random information about me. Soooo let's get started!

Age: 18

Bed Size: I don't even know and I'm terrible at guessing things like distances or ages. But it's a single bed, that much even I can tell

Chore you hate: Cleaning my windows

Dogs: I'd say Labs, although I'm more a cat person (but not in a crazy way)

Essential start of your day: Breakfast. Not because people tell you it's healthy to have breakfast. I just really like food.

Favourite colour: Blue

Gold or silver: gold

Height: 5"5 (163cm)

Instruments I play: the piano (badly) and I'm trying to learn playing the guitar. Unsuccessful so far

Job title: student, waitress, intern

Kids: not now but definitely one day

Live: Switzerland

Mum's name: Renate

Nickname: I don't really have nicknames but once a friend called me Annabanana. So there you go

Pet peeve: people that are late

Quote from a movie: I have so little knowledge of film, it's embarrassing. 

Right or left handed: right

Siblings: older brother and sister

Time you wake up: during the week 7am, between 9-10am on the weekends

Underwear: definitely always say yes to underwear!

Vegetables you dislike: leek and, although it doesn't count as a vegetable, mushrooms

What makes you run late: I'm usually always on time but if not, it's because I can't find my Ipod when I want to leave the house

X-rays you had done: toes and lungs

Yummy food you make: banoffee pie, chocolate cake and basically anything that's sweet

Zoo animal: leopards



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