12 Jun 2014

Thoughts while on a train

The past weekend, I got on a train to visit a family that I met three years ago in their new home in Cornwall. Starting from Paddington Station, the journey took me 4 hours and 45 minutes. That gives you a lot of time to think. So I started writing down random thoughts that popped into my head and this is how this post came to happen. 
Let's get started!
The English countryside is really flat.
Until suddenly, it isn’t.
That halloumi bagel from the train station was actually delicious.
So many canals. I think I want a boat.
Looks like Harry Potter could have lived here.
Why is there an imprint of a giant white horse on that hill?
This looks exactly like the setting for all those romantic movies (that then was a recurring theme)
Where’s the sea? I want to see the sea. Oh, that’s a rhyme.
I want to be i a car and drive these beautiful country roads. I don’t have a car. I can’t drive.
I should go on train journeys more often. Looks like I actually could be productive on a train.
Only three more hours.
I’m more than halfway through this magazine and have read every single article. I never do that. Also, why do the headlines on the front page always have to say something that makes you want to hide what you’re reading from your fellow passengers?
I wonder if the person sitting behind me can see what I’m typing. Probably not. I hope not.
Didn’t finish the magazine.
Is this the sea? Where am I? I need a map.
It’s the sea. It’s beautiful.
Passing people sitting by the sea, eating fish & chips. I want to join them. I’ll have chips & chips, please.
Two more hours.
Stared out of the window fort he good part of an hour.
Seeing people meet their friends or family at the train station is simply heart-warming.
I wonder what the air outside smells like right now.
Now it’s raining. And it got dark.
20 minutes left.
Announcement over speakers: „in case you haven’t noticed, it has started raining quite heavily. Coats are advised.“
Soon I’ll be one of those people with someone waiting for me at the station, looking for me as I get off the train.

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